Mad Magazine. Mark Twain. Lerner & Loewe. The Beatles. Steve Allen. Dr Maxwell Maltz. All were childhood heroes of writer, songwriter and producer Gary Fearon, who credits that eclectic mix of influences for his calculated and occasionally quirky approach to music, movies and most other forms of entertainment.

Growing up in a family where everyone was an artist, musician or both, his original plan to become a syndicated cartoonist eventually gave way to a career in broadcasting, as a DJ and studio producer. Honored as Billboard Air Personality of the Year, his broadcast work has also been recognized by the Associated Press, Radio and Production, and over two dozen MARS awards for commercial production. His voice is heard daily on radio and TV stations across the USA and Canada.

As a songwriter, Gary has composed over 300 songs, jingles and morning show parodies. An avid analyst of entertainment, he has studied thousands of hit songs from the perspectives of music theory, lyrical content and production value. His vast collection of DVDs, as well as semi-obsessive cinema attendance, provide equally substantial material for critiquing story structure and theatrical presentation. He is as fascinated with the closing credits as he is camera angles.

From July 2011 to March 2018, Gary was Creative Director for Southern Writers Magazine. Designing page layouts brought Gary full circle to his original artistic roots. Working with authors also afforded the pleasure of fulfilling another childhood aspiration, a love for writing. His short stories have been published in multiple anthologies, most recently Stories of Music, Volume 2. His book After Abbey Road: The Solo Hits of The Beatles was published in 2020.

When he’s not producing broadcast features for iHeart Radio or singing along in his car to NRBQ, Gary can be found chasing geese out of his backyard and spraying Critter Ridder to keep squirrels from building another nest in his Honda.